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Phd in Economics (or Management) at ESSEC Business School

10 Nov 17
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ESSEC Business School belongs to the select group of European institutions delivering a PhD program that meets the highest international standards. We train future Researchers and Professors for the global market of business and management education. We take very seriously our responsibility to prepare students to become self-standing Scholars – able to function and reinvent themselves in the complex and competitive academic world of tomorrow. ESSEC Business School is a leading global business school deeply committed to research and boasting a top-level and highly international Faculty. When you enter our Program, you join an intellectually vibrant scholarly community.


Why should you choose the ESSEC PhD Program? With the international diversity and quality of its Faculty, it is one of the rare programs in the world to combine an emphasis on excellent research at the frontier of each discipline covered by our different concentrations with innovative explorations that cut across traditional boundaries of business disciplines. The ESSEC PhD Program is also unique in its international reach. As a PhD student, you can take advantage from our double location (France and Singapore), you can spend time in Stanford University through our special collaboration with that University and you can leverage our dense international network of outstanding partner institutions in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Early on, you will have to participate in international conferences and workshops – presenting your work in progress to a demanding international community of peers. While you will be working closely with your PhD Supervisor, the ESSEC PhD Program also opens up opportunities for a multiplicity of stimulating intellectual exchanges and collaborations – with other members of the Faculty, with your colleagues, with Visiting Professors and Research Seminar Speakers. The community focus of the ESSEC PhD Program means that the dissertation process goes well beyond the dialogue between student and supervisor. You will be amazed by the quality of the networks we can open up for our students. In France, the ESSEC PhD Program is a partner to the joint Doctoral School of ESSEC – University of Cergy-Pontoise. This allows our students to leverage from a broader pool of resources. It also means that our graduating students are eligible for two diplomas at the same time – an ESSEC PhD and a Doctorat (French standard). Finally, the ESSEC PhD Program offers full-tuition scholarships as well as a tax-free stipend to cover living expenses so that when you enter our Program, you can focus entirely on your research.

Alumni of the Program now work as Professors in top business schools and Universities internationally, while others have taken positions in research organizations. According to the AACSB, we are facing, across the world, a chronic shortage of doctorally qualified business school Professors. Hence your dedication and motivation will be rewarded by very attractive career prospects. The ESSEC PhD Program is your key to an exciting and fulfilling international academic career.

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